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Greeting Message

Kazuhito Arai, President

The Japanese Orthodontic Society

Dear friends and colleagues of the international orthodontic community, I was appointed as the 21st President of the Japanese Orthodontic Society at the General Assembly of Delegates and the meeting of the Board of Directors held on February 29, 2024. I am greatly honored to be given this opportunity and at the same time, I am humbled by the heavy responsibility.

Our Society was founded in October 1926 by only 17 orthodontic researchers as the representative organization of this field in Japan. We have the longest history and tradition as an academic organization in this specialized field of dentistry in Japan. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my predecessors, who have contributed to the development of the Society through their steady efforts over the years, as well as to those individuals who continue to provide guidance to us today.

As a public interest organization with a total membership of approximately 7,300, the Japanese Orthodontic Society is dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of orthodontics. Academic promotion and the improvement of oral health in the general public is achieved through research and the presentation of orthodontic science and its clinical applications, exchange of knowledge, and collaborative activities with related academic societies in Japan and abroad. To achieve such missions, we have been holding annual meetings, publishing journals, supporting pre- and post-doctoral education, encouraging and commending research achievements, establishing orthodontic certification systems, and communicating and cooperating with related academic organizations. Our Society also promotes international research and educational cooperation. To promote these various important activities, we currently have more than 20 committees with nearly 300 dedicated members working continuously.

In 2026, the Society will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Several academic and research projects are already underway, and we are preparing a commemorative ceremony and special 85th annual meeting. The theme has been selected as “A Century of Sparkle, Fly High to the Future.”

As we prepare to celebrate our 100th anniversary and reflect on our rich history, I believe that the wonderful traditions cultivated by our predecessors throughout their years of unstinting effort will continue to encourage us and point us in the right direction for orthodontics to move forward to the benefit of our patients.

I sincerely ask for your understanding and cooperation in this endeavor.

Kazuhito Arai, DDS, DDSc
President, The Japanese Orthodontic Society

Summary of the history of the Japanese Orthodontic Society (1926-2024)

October 1926 The Japanese Orthodontic Society is established by 17 orthodontic researchers in Tokyo. Umahiko Eynomoto of the Tokyo College of Dental Medicine is elected as the first president.
October 1930 A memorial service for the late Edward Hartley Angle, who passed away in Pasadena on August 11, 1930, is successfully held in the auditorium of Tokyo Dental College.
May 1931 The Japanese Orthodontic Society becomes a national organization, representing three regional societies (Tokyo, Osaka, and Sapporo).
July 1931 Hisashi Saito is appointed as a delegate to the 2nd International Congress of Orthodontics, held in London.
April 1932 The 1st National Orthodontic Meeting is held at the Tokyo Christian Youth Hall in Kanda-Mitoshiro-cho.
January 1933 The first issue of the Journal of the Japanese Orthodontic Society is published.
October 1936 The 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Japanese Orthodontic Society, with 345 members in attendance, is held in the Japanese Medical Association Hall in Surugadai, Kanda, Tokyo.
July 1959 The 1st Annual Meeting after the Pacific War is held in Sapporo.
November 1976 The 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting and 1st International Conference are held in Tokyo.
September 1988 The 2nd International Conference is held in Yokohama.
September 1991 The 50th Annual Meeting and 1st Asia-Pacific Orthodontic Congress are held in Osaka.
October 2001 The 60th Annual Meeting and 3rd International Conference are held in Tokyo to celebrate the 75th anniversary.
October 2011 The 70th Annual Meeting and 4th International Conference are held in Nagoya.
December 2012 The Society becomes a public interest incorporated association.
October 2020 The 79th Annual Meeting, 12th Asia-Pacific Orthodontic Congress, and 9th International Orthodontic Congress are held in Yokohama.
November 2021 The 80th Annual Meeting and 5th International Conference are held in Yokohama.
February 2024 The Society has a total of 7,292 members, including 7,051 regular, 23 honorary, 165 associate, and 53 supporting members.

Annual Meeting

JOS Members of Committee

Board of Trustees of The Japanese Orthodontic Society (2024-2025)

Kazuhito Arai

Kunihiko Otsubo
Kotaro Tanimoto
Yasushi Nishii
Masato Kubota

Yoshiaki Sato
Hitoshi Kawanabe
Akihiko Obata
Shigenori Yamagata
Hiroshi Kamioka
Shoichi Miyawaki
Takashi Ono
Hiroshi Tomonari
Ken Miyazawa
Satoru Kokai
Shigeki Takahashi
Yukiho Tominaga
Hiromi Nobushima
Yusuke Minoura
Naoko Watanabe

Isao Saito
Yasuyo Nomura

(General Affairs Committee)
Kotaro Tanemoto
(Finance Committee)
Kunihiko Otsubo
(Domestic Relations Committee)
Masato Kubota
(International Relations Committee)
Takashi Ono
(Medical Issues Review Committee)
Takeshi Miyazawa
(Annual Meeting Steering Committee)
Yoshihiro Sato
(Academic Committee)
Yasushi Nishii
(Editorial Committee)
Shoichi Miyawaki
(Best Paper Award Committee)
Miyawaki Shoichi
(Academic Excellence Awards Committee)
Yasushi Nishii
(Society Qualified Orthodontists Committee)
Yukio Tamaoki
(Clinical Supervisory Orthodontists Committee)
Hiroshi Kamioka
(Postgraduate Educational Platforms Committee)
Kawamoto Tatsuo
(Postgraduate Facilities Review Committee)
Takashi Yamashiro
(Clinical Guidelines Committee)
Toshihiko Otsubo
(Public Interest Corporations Administration Committee)
Kawamoto Tatsuo
(Postgraduate Education Leadership Committee)
Hiroshi Tomonari
(Board Certification & Orthodontic Board Reforms Commitee)
Noriyoshi Shimizu
(Board Certified Orthodontists Committee)
Yukiho Tominaga
(Ethics & Adjudication Committee)
Kazunori Fukui
(Research Ethics Review Committee)

(JOS Awards Committee)
Kazuhito Arai
(JOS 100th Anniversary Projects Committee)
Keiji Moriyama